About the translator


- Sworn Translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

- 4 year-degree [Licenciada, similar to a Master's degree] in Translation and Interpretation (Legal-Economics Translation and simultaneous interpreting into Spanish).

-Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

-Qualified Teacher Status.

-GCSE External Examiner

-Development Editor in "Talking the Talk" BBC Talk Spanish Series


My name is Elena and I live in beautiful Yorkshire. I originally come from sunny Andalusia, in the south of Spain, where we produce olive oil.
Since an early age I developed an interest in learning the language of the Beatles, only to later on discover the greatness of Britain and its culture. That is why I decided to study for a degree in Translation and Interpretation. I was lucky, and hardworking enough, to complete the four year course through the European leading Faculty of Translation and Interpretation of Granada in Spain. My teachers were a daily source of inspiration and motivation and they deserve some type of acknowledging here.
 I chose Economics and Legal translation and Conference Interpretation as main subjects of specialisation. My student experience was enriched by several facts, including frequent studies visits to the UK and real translation assignments undertaken whilst I was still at university.
Before I decided to settle in the UK, I studied for a Postgraduate Master in Education and later was awarded the Qualified Teacher Status in England and Wales. I have taught both my mother tongue and English to different audiences since 2006 and developed my own personal style to keep learners keen. The type of lessons delivered range from private one-to-one tuition, Spanish for holidays while enjoying tapas in a restaurant, adult education courses for the City of York Council and in school teaching. I have also done a high number of legal and financial documentation translations, specially for Spanish visa applications as well as large website translation projects. I have had the pleasure of being a development editor for the "Talking the Talk Spanish" of the BBC Talk Spanish book series!
My latest professional adventures include leading the full ks2 Spanish language provision in a inner Bradford primary school up to recently, marking GCSE exams for one of the big exam boards and translating hundreds of documents for Spanish visa applications as well as exam papers for another important UK institution.
 I acknowledge the importance of continuous professional development and every year I attend courses to discover new trends in both translation and teaching.
If you would like to know more about my professional background, please have a look at my Linkedin profile: